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FYI - I actually stumbled across this post when trying to figure out why one iLO in a chassis wasn't coming back, and that fixed the issue. Thought I'd give you one non-spam comment.



This is correct if you want DHCP for ILO. If you don't you need to type this set /map1/enetport1/lanendpt1/ipendpt1 IPv4Address=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX subnet=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX

NOTE!! If you enabled DHCP, you will need to disable it first by typing set /map1/dhcpendpt1 EnabledState=no


Thanks you very much..

By the way "connect server XX" can fail too (Unable to establish connection to server.). In this case I don't know what to do.

reset for For Linux:

connect to the enclosure:
$ ssh ixencloxyz -l Administrator

connect to the blade slot (use GUI to find out; I dont have the CLI command right now)
IXENCLOXYZ> connect server X

hpiLO-> cd /map1

hpiLO-> reset
Resetting iLO.

CLI session stopped



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